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How Much Is Enough Time?

Wisconsin's Broken Parole System

In Wisconsin, more than 2,800 men and women remain incarcerated under the “Old Law”, even though they are legally eligible for parole under the terms of their original sentences. Keeping them incarceration costs the State of Wisconsin more than 96 million each year. All of these people were sentenced prior to the enactment of the Truth In Sentencing legislation (T.I.S), the current law.


During the Old Law era, Wisconsin judges gave longer sentences with the expectation that inmates would be released after serving 25 percent of their sentence if all of their conditions were met. Currently, many have completed their required programs, have solid release plans, but all have been incarcerated for more than 25 percent of their sentence, most have scored as a low risk to re-offend, maintain good institution behavior and many even work in the community with little to no daily supervision. Still, they are continually told that their release would impose an unreasonable risk to the public and that they have not served enough time, which is not true since they would not be able to go before parole if they had not met the time guidelines of the law (to serve 25% of their sentence). Wisconsin is holding people sentenced under the Old Law to the same laws, standards and guidelines as people sentenced under Truth In Sentence, this is unfair, these people are serving double the time as someone sentenced under TIS.


The WI DOC, The WI BOCM (Bureau of Classification & Movement) and The WI Parole Commission has been deviating from Wisconsin's State Legislature 304, the legal process for parole grants. Without accountability, transparency and proper supervision the WI DOC & Parole Commission have been denying parole grants when the incarcerated person has met the legal requirements to receive a parole grant.


People sentenced under the WI Old Laws have no appeal rights or grievance procedures when it comes to Parole denials, Program Review Committee (P.R.C) decisions, B.O.C.M decisions (only if a notable error was made), conduct reports, social worker decisions and all other issues related to the Old Law of Parole.


By keeping people incarcerated who have met the conditions to receive a parole grant, Wisconsin is contributing to Mass Incarceration and Jail Over Crowding!



Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere.

-Martin Luther King Jr. 

This is a letter from Judge Bruce E. Schroeder, who sentenced inmates during the Wisconsin Old Law of Parole era.. He admits that he gave longer sentences, as did all judges during this time, because they expected inmates to be released when they served 25% of their sentence, if all other requirements were met, as stated by WI State Legislature 304

In Wisconsin:

43% of the WI male prison population is African American Male.

21% of the female population is African American women.

6.7% of the WI population is African American.

-WI Dept. of Health Services


The Integrity Center is a Non-profit Organization. Founded by Baron Walker and  Beverly Walker, the CEO, and CFO respectively.

Wisconsin incarcerates far more people than their neighboring state, Minnesota.

- WI Prisoner Population, Jan. 2019 is 23,384 (more than 3x the number since 1990)

- MN Prisoner Population, Jan. 2019 is 9,479

Overall Populations:

- State of WI Population: 5,687,290

- State of MN Population: 5,303,925

Violent Crime Rates:

- WI: 319.9 crimes/100,000 residents

- MN: 238.3 crimes/100,000 residents

-WI & MN DOC FBI Statistic

How Much Time Is Enough Time For Parole Eligible People? The State Of Wisconsin Has Chosen Not To Adhere To The Laws of Parole (WI State Legislature 304), This means that people sentenced under The Old Laws have been forgotten, they are forced to serve more time than their sentencing judges ever intended, even when they have met all of the requirements to receive a Parole Grant!

The control of information is something the elite always does, particularly in a despotic form of government. Information, knowledge, is power. If you can control information, you can control people.

-Tom Clancy  

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