Finally Free & Home With the Family!                                                                               


Resume                                 Training                               Work Experience                                Education

My name is Baron L. Walker, I am married and we have five children and seven grandchildren. My family means the world to me, although limited I try to participate within my family's life as much as possible by clipping coupons, making homework charts, looking at employment leads for family members, researching medical issues and finding healthy meals & snacks, although small tokens, I want my family to know that I love them and that I am doing everything in my power to be home with them. I am married to my childhood sweetheart. I have grown and matured so much over the last 22 years, I have missed so many milestones with my children and grandchildren, and this was due to my poor choices when I was a young. I have served adequate time for my crimes and I would like to be home with my family, I would like to give my wife a well deserved break. We have a stable home, my wife has worked the same job for the last 20 years, we have plans to start a small business once I am released, in addition to the job I have lined up upon my release and we have suitable transportation. Since I have met all of the conditions of parole, we are not sure why we have not received a parole grant to date.

I was eligible to receive a parole grant for several years but instead of receiving a parole grant I received a rubber stamp stating, "not enough time served". This rubber stamp is not a true since you can only go before the parole board when you have served 25% of your sentence, and I have met that requirement.

I have completed all of my A&E Programs, mandated, required and voluntarily programs and classes available to me. My growth, maturity and positive adjustment continue to be excellent. I have been incarcerated for over 21 years for two party to a crime robberies (with no physical harm). I acknowledge that what I did was wrong; I am truly remorseful for my prior actions. I have served more than the amount of time that was once considered a life sentence (13 ½ yrs), in the 1980's. My point is that I have served a significant amount of time for the crimes I committed, which is what my sentencing Judge asked for when she imposed my conviction. She also referred to me returning to society as an older mature adult, placing an emphasis on how I hold the power to be a better person when released.

I chose to be a better person and I chose to better myself. I took advantage of my program needs as well as all of the other courses and programs offered that would serve as useful tools upon my release. I have maintained steady employment and I have been a positive mentor for my growing family and peers with an admirable work evaluation from my employer. I have shown excellent growth and transition, a clear indication that I am ready to be paroled, I will prove this by being successful once released. Meeting all of the requirements set forth by my sentencing judge, my program needs and my institutional adjustment should be grounds for parole to be granted.

I have accepted responsibility for my crimes, served a significant amount of time, and I will continue to pay my debt to society. I fully embrace my responsibilities as a father, grandfather, son, and husband and as an Afro American Man. I am 44 years old; I have changed so much from when I was the young foolish boy who committed those crimes. When I reflect on my growth it helps me realize the error of my ways, I actually feel old. I have a great support system and I am thankful to God for allowing me to be home with my family.


Baron L. Walker

It is my personal belief that living life promotes constant growth. I am a fast learner, and a hard worker who finds joy in completing tasks and assignments. I work well with people, in groups and individually. I like to work hands on and I am physically fit. I am looking for a position that will allow me to utilize my strengths while teaching me new skills, strategies and theories to be successful with my new position.   

Certifications and Diplomas

·   ServSafe Food & Kitchen Management   

·   Pesticide Applicator                                                                                                                                                                                          ·   Small Business Management

·   Building Maintenance & Service

·   Carpentry

·   American Literacy

·   Adult Tutor

·   HSED

·   GED 

·   Fork Lift Driver

·   Electrical Wiring

·   Plumbing

·   Welding

Programs & Class Courses

·   Cognitive Intervention I & II

·   Turning Point, I & II

·   Moral Recognizance Therapy

·   American Literacy Adult Tutoring

·   Wisconsin Literacy

·   Parenting

·   Financial Literacy

·   Restorative Justice

·   Urban Community Interactive Module

·   Reentry Modules 

The Reentry Modules allowed me to do mock interviews and communication projects. I have learned the ripple effects of my crimes, they provided parenting assistance, law explanations, legal assistance, directives to speak with attorneys, district attorneys, and information on exercise and health. They provided advise on transportation, drivers license, housing, finances, literacy, employment, parole information, general assistance, clothing programs, and resources.

Reentry Modules are life courses and programs that teach the cause and effect of the decisions that we make in life. It teaches programs and simulations designed to help, teach and guide inmates with their reentry into society. The program is designed to decrease the risk that an inmate will re-offend, reduce recidivism, reduce crime victimization and the spending cost for the DOC.

Employment History

·   Food Service                   ∙ Lead Prep Cook             ∙ Maintenance              ∙ Canteen Worker

·   Lead Man                        ∙ Unit Server                     ∙ Janitorial                    ∙ Kitchen Crew                                       

·   Dishwasher                     ∙ Lineman                          ∙ HSED Tutor               ∙ Badger State Employee                                        

·   Table Man                       ∙ Gardener                         ∙ GED                           Tutor                                                                      

·  Assistant Group Educator                                                     ∙ Yard Worker                  ∙ Baker