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Baron & Beverly Walker

United by God & Finally Together Again!

Our family has been filmed as a part of a documentary on Mass Incarceration. The documentary film is titled; “Milwaukee 53206”

My husband and I are both from the 53206 zip code in Milwaukee WI. This area has incarcerated more black people than any other area in the entire world. Statistics show that most people from this zip code are destined to fail, be incarcerated and live at or below the poverty level.

Mark 10:9

"Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate."

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Our Story!

My husband and I met when we were just kids, we lived next door to each other for several years. Our relationship started as neighbors, then we became friends, then best friends, we became girlfriend and boyfriend, we became an engaged couple and finally Baron and I got married.

When we were teenagers there was a shooting in the neighborhood, I called Baron to tell him about it, but before I could say anything else, Baron was outside ushering me upstairs to safety. One of the bullets made it through the door, that bullet hit both of us, I got hit in the shoulder and Baron was hit in in the leg by the same bullet. If it was not for Baron saving my life, I might not be here today.

I stood by my husband's side, Our family served his prison sentence with him. It was hard raising our children as a single parent, but my husband was worth the wait and the sacrifice. The vows we made before God helped us stay steadfast. We've had our ups and downs throughout our relationship, like any other couple. We sincerely love and support each other, life with him on the inside was lonely but by the Grace of God, Baron is now home and the burden is much lighter and our family has finally been restored.

Baron has always been supportive, encouraging and very influential to my success with completing various educational, promotional and business achievements. He is my biggest supporter and I am his, we encourage each other to pursue all of our dreams and ambitions, while serving God.

Baron is my soul mate and we share five children and eight grandchildren who are all crazy about their Pa Pa.

(Baron) It has definitely been a wonderful blessing to finally be home.

It has been a long fight well worth it. My beautiful Wife, our children. Our parents, siblings, and so many lovely loving friends. My Attorney Craig, has proven to be a dear friend of great value. I appreciate these blessings our Creator has bestowed upon me. This probably would cause you to assume that it is easier for me to forget my past hardships, or not want to have such present in mind. It is these very things that inspire me, and won't allow me to easily forget about those whom likewise shared my burden of injustice. Thus, this has become an agenda for our family.

Since being home I have worked with my Wife, who continues to work with WISDOM. Took part in many meetings. Being informed on issues concerning mass incarceration, Old Law people, crimeless revocation, and the affected community directly/indirectly effected by the ills of conscious/unconscious apathy perpetuated by political agendas.

By direction of Mr. David Liner, I pursued certification for Community Leadership. Attended concept, goals and establishment gatherings with the esteemed EXPO. Spoke at Churches, grade schools, High schools, Marquette University, and ISM Masjid. with other events on the agenda. My family, and I are striving to be the difference in order to make a difference. This can be done if people in a whole care enough. Because when there is a wrong witnessed, and you choose to say, or do nothing. You condone it by approval of silence. I refuse to be silent. Home happy, yet still driven by a cause I'm passionate about. 

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