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People Who Qualify for a Parole Grant

Name & Inmate Number: Cory M. Harris #223305

Institution: Fox Lake Correctional Institution

Crime Committed: Party to Crime Armed Robbery

Sentence: 25 Years

Time Served: 21 Years

Parole Eligibility Date:

Parole Denials : 7

Next Parole Review: February 2020

Security Status/Institutional Adjustment: Medium Security

Additional Info: Brother, Uncle and friend looking to successfully return to society and work. This is a dear situation for me. Cory, is my younger brother. Good hearted, and respectful gentle giant misunderstood. Yet, easier to label. He definitely has a support system with many opportunities awaiting him. Please help me bring my brother home.

Name & Inmate Number: Marshawn Vanzant #317446          -   Update, Marshawn is a Free Man 8/20

Institution: Oakhill Correctional Institution

Crime Committed: Bank Robbery while Armed & Reckless Endangering Safety (no victim injuries)

Sentence: 43 Years

Time Served: 22 Years

Parole Eligibility Date:

Parole Denials: 8

Next Parole Review: May 2019

Security Status/Institutional Adjustment: Release/Home

Additional Info: After a long struggle in pursuit for parole aided by prayer, and support of love ones Mr. Vanzant finally received parole. He's finally home with his family, and successfully employed. Also negotiating a contract deal for the publishing of his hardships experienced. We hope for his continued success. 

Name: Andrae Bridges

Institution: Fox Lake Correctional Facility

Crime Committed: First Degree Intentional Homicide-Party to a crime

Sentence: Life with parole eligibility 

Time Served: 28 years

Parole Eligibility Date: 2037

Parole Denials: 0

Next Parole Review: 2037

Security Status/Institutional Adjustment: Medium 

Last Conduct report: 3/01/2014

Andre entered the system as a juvenile, 6 days after he turned 16. He was charged with First Degree Intentional Homicide-party to a crime. He was waved into adult court and sentenced to Life in prison with eligibility in 2037. Thus, he  would have to serve 45 years before going before the Parole Committee. Andre, has served 28 years to date, with 17 to go before the expectancy of meeting the Parole Committee.

Due to his sentence structure he is continuously placed at the back of the list for any continued Programming. To date here are a list of his achievements;

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