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The Integrity Center is a community center that takes a hands-on approach to reintegrate the integrity in our community. We provide services that ensure health, a clear mind, stability, and growth in the family unit. We offer services that build, support, educate, and improve the individuals that we serve. Offering financial education to help families learn to repair and increase credit scores, create budgets, and manage finances to meet their personal goals. We help match employment skills, job training, resume assistance, and computer training services. We believe that a well-informed family with opportunities to build knowledge with support and concern will produce positive opportunities, financial stability, and opportunities for growth for our participants. Our programs are designed to help the entire family. We help troubled teens, parents, men, women, and those who seek knowledge and self-improvement. We teach our participants how to manage stress and the pressures in life. We help participants identify goals and help manage the steps to achieving the goals. Our programs include the following.


Incarcerated Support Services

The Integrity Center provides services to help families who have loved ones incarcerated. We support the Governor reinstating the Commutation Process and his efforts to pardon well-deserving candidates. We help families who need to write support letters to the Wisconsin Parole Board, letters of recommendation to the Governor for pardon or commutation, and address issues that families and inmates face associated with the Wisconsin prison systems. 

Reintegration Services

We work hands-on to help formerly incarcerated people identify the services they need to be successful as free men and women. We offer assessments to determine potential job skills and employment placement, housing assistance, training services, and family reintegration counseling services. 

  • Personal Growth & Self-Improvement

Computer Training

Programs offer training that teaches the participant how to use computers, tablets, and cell phones. We teach participants how to create a resume, set up online bill payments, use communication platforms (Zoom, Meets, Skype, email, texts, Messaging, etc.), and social media. 

Financial Literacy

Programs teach participants how to budget, bank, pay bills, set up utility services, communicate with landlords, grocery shop, credit cards vs. debit cards, taxes, homeownership vs. renting, vehicle ownership, and unexpected costs. 

Education Assistance

Programs help participants receive their GED and assist with applying to technical colleges. Help identify educational programs and balance school schedules with work and home balance.

Skills Identification & Training 

Programs identify life skills that can transfer to work experience and help identify desired skills and training. We match participants with their selected educational programs and career goals.

Time Management 

Programs teach the importance of time management and the skills and dedication required to meet time restraints.

  • Family Unity, Growth & Improvement

CPR & First Aid

Programs teach CPR, First Aid, and Defibrillator usage, and lifesaving skills to help families manage medical emergencies, accidents, and family crises.


Family Support Group 

Programs help families deal with issues and concerns within the family, match programs and services to family needs, provide resources, and offer a sounding board for discussing problems and concerns.

Parenting Programs

Support parents dealing with troublesome behaviors, offer resources to meet parent's needs, and work as a sounding board to allow parents a safe space to share thoughts, feelings, and help.

Teen Support Groups 

Offers support to teenagers to assist with peer pressure, bullying, stress, and anxiety. Works as a sounding board to discuss frustration, share ideas, and find resolutions.

Target Breathing & Meditation

Programs teach techniques that help reduce stress and anxiety. It helps clear cortisol in the brain, providing access to clear thinking. It provides a process that allows center participants and a drug-free approach to calm themselves when angry or frustrated.

  • Professional Growth & Development

Employment Assistance and Job Training 

Programs help participants set employment goals, identify work skills and options, and connect participants with job training programs and technical school options. Participants learn to complete job applications, identify references, mock interviews, and business etiquette. 


Career Guidance

It helps identify pathways to excel in employment utilizing educational resources, training programs, and skill enhancements.


Child Care Assistance

Teaches state-mandated childcare courses that ensure employment opportunities to work or own a childcare program.


CPR & First Aid 

Teaches CPR, First aid, and Defibrillator usage to the public for businesses, childcare centers, and group homes.

  • Essentials, Health & Safety

Housing Assistance 

It helps connect the participants with landlords who rent to felons and people on probation and parole. We connect participants with programs that offer housing assistance, shelters, and programs that help furnish homes.


Helps with bus passes and connects participants with transportation programs, vehicle ownership plans, and responsibilities (license, gas, repairs, and maintenance).

Child Care Assistance 

Helps families locate childcare programs.

CPR & First Aid 

Teaches families CPR, First Aid, and other life-saving measures.

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