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Fight For What's Right, The Parole Qualified!

Support Letter Samples - To Be Submitted To The WI Parole Board 

Wisconsin Parole Board Address:

Wisconsin Parole Commission

3099 Washington Avenue

PO BOX 7960

Madison, WI 53707-7960

Phone: 608-240-7280

Fax: 608-240-7299

*Be Sure to Include the Person's Complete Name and Inmate Number

Below is a list of suggestive letters that you can customize/personalize to submit to the parole board. There are also support letters geared towards your Senators and Legislators.(The Sample Letters are listed A-D)

We Thank God for your Prayers & Support!


Dear Parole Board,

I am writing this letter to express my support for the release of ___ inmate number #___. My name is ___, I have met __ and our friendship/relationship began in ____. (incarcerated person) ___ has a solid support system because ___. (incarcerated person) ___ acknowledges his mistakes and he is remorseful for his/her past crimes, he/she has served more than twenty-five percent of his/her sentence, he/she has completed all of their programs and educational requirements and has good behavior.

I don’t understand why he/she has not received a parole grant yet, it is my understanding that he/she has met all of the conditions to be paroled years ago. What more do you require from (incarcerated person) ___, he/she has served sufficient time for his/her crimes. Since the criminal laws changed in Wisconsin (in 2000 Truth in Sentence was adopted) the processing and release of inmates who were sentenced under the Old Law of Parole, has rapidly declined and Old Law inmates are serving more time than their sentencing judges ever expected. Keeping these Parole Eligible Inmates Incarcerated, when they qualify for release only adds to the Mass Incarceration epidemic and cost tax payers an average of $60,000 annually.

(incarcerated person) ___ has a job lined up upon his release, he has a secure home, supportive family, and many certifications, degrees and trades that he obtained while incarcerated. Twenty Two years in prison has changed and matured (incarcerated person)___, he/she utilized his/her incarcerated time to improve himself. He/She has had many years to reflect on his past mistakes and is remorseful for his/her past actions.

(incarcerated person) ___ has a very supportive and loving family, his family needs to be restored by allowing him to work and provide financial support to his family, to be actively engaged and physically present to support and interact with his family.

Please grant parole for (incarcerated person) ___ and his/her family, I am asking for you to adhere to Wisconsin State Legislative Code 304.06, since all of these conditions have been met, Please Restore and Unite this Family.

Thank you,


Dear Parole Bard,

I am writing in regard to (incarcerated person) ___, inmate #__. I do not know (incarcerated person)___ personally, but I have learned a lot about him/her his wife and children and the crime he committed and the time he has served.

I visited (heard about) the website family deferred, which followed the life of (incarcerated person) __. I know how hard it is for this family to have their loved one incarcerated, children growing up without their father and a wife longing for the partnership and support of their family member.

Since (incarcerated person) __ has completed all of his court ordered requirements, educational requirements, he’s served more than 25 percent of his sentence, and he has good behavior and institutional adjustment, it is my understanding that there are no additional obligations for (incarcerated person)___ to meet by your legal guidelines to receive a parole grant. (incarcerated person) __ is not a threat to society, he is remorseful for his prior actions, he doesn’t appear to be the same person that he was when he committed his crimes and he appears to be passionate about his family and working hard. Since all of his requirements have been met, every time he goes before the parole board the only thing that they have left to review is his behavior since the last time they saw him, he is sitting idle, costing tax payers when he has served his debt to society and deserves the opportunity to work and support his family.

It appears that (incarcerated person) __ has a strong support system through his family, they are taking every possible step to gather support to aid in his release from prison. According to the Wisconsin laws of parole, (incarcerated person) __ has met all of the conditions to qualify for a parole grant. I am writing to request that you grant parole for (incarcerated person) __ who has served over 22 years for the crimes of attempted arm robbery where no one was physically hurt. He has served more than the adequate time for his crimes, therefore it is time to restore (incarcerated person) __ back to his family and to his community. Allow (incarcerated person) __ to work, raise his children, pay taxes and support his family while also sparing tax payers the unnecessary $60,000 annual cost to incarcerate him, although all of his conditions have been met to receive a parole grant according to Wisconsin State Legislature Code 304.06 for Old Law Parole.


*The letter below was previously submitted to the parole board- (SAMPLE LETTER C.)

Dear Parole Commissioner:

I am writing in regard to (incarcerated person)__, inmate # __. (incarcerated person) __ will be coming before the Parole Board early in the new year. I do not know (incarcerated person) __ very well, but I know a lot of people who know him. I am especially well-acquainted with his wife, __. I can assure you that (incarcerated person) __ has a strong, stable network of people waiting to help him when he comes home from prison. He has family who very much want him to be with them. He has neighbors who would welcome his presence. (incarcerated person) __ committed a crime 22 years ago. Like all of us, he has changed a lot in those ( ? ) years. He poses no threat to the community. (incarcerated person) __ was sentenced by a judge in a time when parole was granted on a regular basis, very frequently on the first or second attempt. I have been told by judges that they sentenced people back in the 90’s with the assumption that there was a good chance they would be paroled very soon after they became eligible. (incarcerated person) __ has been eligible for 8 years. Many people are very concerned that the parole system has completely broken down, and that people sentenced under the “old law” are not being given a fair chance to earn their release. (incarcerated person) __ case offers a chance to show that the system can be made to work. He has served significantly more than the necessary amount of time. He has worked hard at his own

rehabilitation and has been a model prisoner. He has a family and a circle of support that will help him to be successful when he comes home. Please do all you can to ensure that (incarcerated person) __ is released soon.

Thank you.

*The letter below was previously submitted to the parole board - (SAMPLE LETTER - D.)

Re: (Incarcerated person) __Inmate#__

Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm writing on the behalf of ___________, inmate no,#__________. I know upon ________'s return home, he/she will have a supportive family and stable home. The (last name) family is an extremely close family, and although ( name) has been incarcerated for 2(?) years, they have remained close and supportive of one another. I've been in conversations with each one of s children and they all glow when speaking about their father and generously share stories when he was there when they needed him most. At key personal milestones over the course 22 years,( name ) has been a positive presence in their lives each step of the way, and now that the children have babies of their own, he is the grandfather of a sleuth of grand kids, who I’ve witnessed express their love through excitement when he is on the phone. I work tirelessly to keep the immediate and extended family together. Also, over time I have cultivated avenues for ( Name) to start a business together once he is released. I'm an entrepreneur and has owned and operated businesses in Milwaukee and is laying the ground work for starting a new business. Understanding that ( name ) will have employment obstacles because of his felony, I have been taking professional development business courses to prepare for his return so that they are able to start, own and operate a business together. ( person's name ) too has been taking classes inside ( the Institution ) preparing himself for his return into the work place. Both ( name ) and I have synchronized their ambitions and have made detailed plans for their financial sustainability and success. I've spent a lot of time on the phone talking with ( name ). He is acutely aware of his past transgressions and the damage he has caused. Today he has grown into a different man than he was at age 22, the time of his conviction. The qualities that I have witnessed are thoughtfulness, a generosity to share his teachings and insights, an excitement for life, a sense of humor and true love for his family. I've asked him some pretty tough questions over the months about his life and the lives that he affects, and from what I gathered as a journalist who has done hundreds of interviews, I know that he is not afraid of the truth, and understands his story to be a testimony to help others make different decisions in their lives. I strongly recommend that ( name ) be considered for release. I know for a fact that he is not a threat to society but rather an asset to his family and to his community. When he transitions back into society he will be in great company with his supportive family who will be there to help him start a new life. lf you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.


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