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Our platform fosters awareness and action on critical issues surrounding mass incarceration, excessive sentencing, parole eligibility, commutations, pardons, and community resources. We are committed to empowering individuals and families to make a tangible difference in their communities by providing vital information about upcoming events where they can lend their support. Through advocacy, education, and collaboration, we aim to amplify the voices of those affected by these injustices while fostering a network of community and family support. Together, let's work towards a more just and equitable society. Join us in making a difference today!

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This Bowling Event is for Youth impacted by parents, guardians or caregivers who are incarcerated. Come out and connect with youth who can connect with this issue.

Please register by emailing:

We look forward to setting up a support system for our youth to express themselves and have a safe space to communicate and connect. 

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This is a Rally that is designed to support women and girls who are incarcerated. 


WISDOM's End The Lockdowns Community Forum on Thursday, March 7, 2024 from 6-8 p.m. at St. Norbert College (Mulva LIbrary) 400 3rd Street DePere, WI 54115.

Join us to meet Green Bay elected officials.


WISDOM’s End The Lockdowns Campaign seeks to raise awareness on the detrimental effects of lockdowns to people who are incarcerated in Wisconsin’s prisons and their loved ones, urging Governor Tony Evers to use his authority to take action. It aims to close prisons, reduce the prison population and reinvest spending into community resources that decrease crime and strengthen communities.

For inquiries about the event, you can email WISDOM Transformational Justice Campaign Coordinator Mark Rice at


Please Sign The Petition (links below)

Support Restoring Commutations in Wisconsin


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The time has come to close Green Bay Correctional Institution.

The facility is no longer viable, and it cannot adequately support the rehabilitation and safety of those inside. It poses a risk to the officers & staff employed there, those housed there temporarily, and the surrounding community. Studies have confirmed that the facility is beyond repair, and the question now is whether to proactively close it or wait for a crisis of catastrophic proportions to force our hand. 

We call upon the Governor, Department of Corrections Secretary Carr and lawmakers in Wisconsin to immediately commit to closure and start the process toward a sustainable solution. We are united in the belief that closing GBCI is a crucial first step. 

Please Sign The Petition to Close GBCI

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